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Low income workers to get access to enterprise bargaining

Workplace Minister Julia Gillard says low income workers will now also be able to use enterprise bargaining.

Pattern bargaining will not be allowed and employers can only lock out employees in response to action taken by workers.


Changes to employee entitlements

Agreements must be ruled as making employees 'better off overall' and must comply with the 10 National Employment Standards.

The 10 National Employment Standards which include such provisions as a 38-hour week, four weeks' annual leave and a right to request flexible working arrangements are included in the legislation.

Changes to unfair dismissal laws

The new Bill removes the exemption of employers with less than 100 employees. It also adjusts the length of service required of employees before they are able to access unfair dismissal protection to:

• six months for businesses that employ 15 or more employees; and
• 12 months for smaller businesses.

Employees will generally have only 7 days to make an unfair dismissal claim.



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